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We treat data from its creation to the final business profit as one comprehensive journey and we help our clients along every step of the way to maximise impact and create sustainable data solutions

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Data asset

Data is becoming the most important strategic asset. The vast amount of data gathered by modern IT systems creates an abundance that is hard to manage. Irrelevant and unused data clog the pipelines and create not only raise data management costs but oftentimes prevents effective usage of valuable data assets.

We believe that an organisation could only be truly data-driven if it has a conscious way of defining, managing, and using its data. We help to select and use data with the highest potential business value thus reducing costs and creating easy-to-manage sustainable data delivery pipelines. We do comprehensive and full scale data management in the cloud and, given exceptional circumstances, on-premise as well.

Data driven

Gathering large amounts of data and creating huge hierarchies of dashboards could easily hinder our ability to get the most out of our data assets. Automated value-driven pipelines and close-to-usage ownerships are key elements in any healthy data ecosystem.

We have extensive experience in real-time data extraction and aggregation as well as creating various insights and visualisations at scale. Sometimes we only need simple dashboards with standard visualisations, but often it is the architectural qualities, efficiency in data delivery, and robust calculation engines that could really drive business value.


We need to employ a lot of traditional intelligence to get AI right. While using cutting edge AI technology is popular, we need to make sure to apply it for the right purpose and in the areas where it gives us good returns on investment. Creating AI-based solution for every problem we encounter is often not a feasible way to approach. We always analyse the problem domain and benchmark any AI-based model to be able to measure performance and feasibility.

We have experience using a wide range of learning models and AI paradigms as well as having the ability to design and build special purpose ML solutions from scratch. We always make sure that any given model is built with clear aim, realistic expectation and based on a well-managed and good quality stream of data.

Way Of Work

We are a small team of devoted data experts focusing on the end-to-end delivery of efficient data intensive projects

Exploration phase

A good data project has to start with a thorough exploration. We set clear goals with our clients before we dive into the unknown territories of our clients’ data and re-emerge with a detailed project plan within the set timeframe. We conduct large scale analysis and interviews focusing on finding data journeys with the highest business potential.

Project execution

We follow the plans created in the exploration phase of our project while working in sprints always allows us to adapt to changing circumstances in agreement with all stakeholders. We aim to deliver client value at every sprint and demonstrate progress to the project owners while maintaining the highest standards of test-driven development, code quality, and automation of integration and delivery pipelines.

Intensive aftercare

We not just thrive to become a trusted partner for our clients and build a long term relationship, but we are also confident that the solutions we deliver will stand out in reliability and withstand the tests of time. As a base for a sustainable maintenance we provide full test coverage and code-near automated documentation to our projects.

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weCan partnership

We are a part of weCan Technology in a partnership to share knowledge and resources in various expertise areas. Our partnership makes it easy to involve domain experts to cover all aspects of software engineering as well as additional related professional territories:

UX and frontend development

from UX design to cutting edge responsive web interfaces

Device native apps

creating native apps with coherent codebases

Cloud infrastructure and DevOps

extensive knowledge of setting up or migrating projects to any of the 3 major cloud providers

IT Security and system audits

built-in security from planning to extensive testing throughout the development lifecycle

Past projects

ELT and DataOps for a big player in US financial data

ELT transformations are a robust way of processing vast amounts of data and our US client were already hitting the limits of AWS Redshift using transactional level financial data to create aggregations and compute complex metrics. We helped them introduce DataOps best practices, planned and executed a gradual migration to the dbt way of handling huge ELT models, and was able to fulfil all hardened security requirements (both internal and regulatory) they were very much worried about.

Standardising data across clinical trial core systems

Clinical research generates not only significant amount of sensitive health-related personal data, but all such systems are audited and generate even more so-called audit trail records to make sure and be able to prove that everything went smoothly during clinical trials. Extracting and collating many millions of those audit records from different systems is a interesting challenge. We also added an easy-to-use modern responsive web interface and advanced filtering engine not only to easily view these collated records but also to be able to run audit workflows on top of the audit trail records.

Unify and manage fragmented data structures

Gathering survey data has its own inner complexities and harmonising datapoints from different surveys in a statistically meaningful way makes survey projects very knowledge intensive. We transformed our client solution based on files and standalone statistical applications into a cloud-based data pipeline. The source code became well-managed and easy to get familiar with using extensive documentation and modern SCM. Delivery of analytics automated largely and ingestion of new data supported by custom-made tooling.

High-frequency data with real-time monitoring

Calculating real-time limits for vivid treasury activities while giving early warnings measures of the overall stability of the financial market operations of a significant regional bank. Significant domain knowledge of asset pricing and risk management was required as well as knowledge of cutting edge technology solutions that are able to perform in periods of market turbulence.

Orchestrate country-wide IoT devices with actionable data

Bespoke IoT hardware needs bespoke software infrastructure to be managed. We developed software that was able to monitor and adjust a swarm of intelligent metering devices while providing API access to the monitoring and metering data as well as a convenient dashboards and visualisations through a web interface for all the clients using the service.

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